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A selection of documentary films from around the world.

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POLAND   1000 Years of Polish Cavalry 1990   E.Z. Szanialawski
INDIA   2,000 Years of Freedom and Honor: The Cochini Jews of India 1992   Johanna Spector
IRAN   ABC Africa 2001   Abbas Kiarostami
POLAND   At the Bottom of Hell     Maciej Sienski
ISRAEL   The Balcony 2000   Ruth Walk
GERMANY   Berlin, Symphony of a Great City 1927   Walter Ruttmann
    Bernard Buffet:  From Here to Eternity 1998   BPC/RM Arts
FRANCE   Blood of the Beasts 1949   Georges Franju
ISRAEL   The Bottle in the Cellar 1995   Shmuel Imberman
VARIOUS   Broken Silence 2003   Various
CUBA   Buena Vista Social Club 1999   Wim Wenders
BRAZIL   The Charcoal People 1999   Nigel Noble
ISRAEL   Checkpoint 1997   Tom Wright / Therese Saliba
ISRAEL   Checkpoint 2003   Yoav Shamir
POLAND   Commando 1992   Marek Widarski
RUSSIA   Confession 1998   Alexander Sokurov
BELGIUM / BRITAIN   Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death 2004   Peter Bate
CUBA   Cuban Story 1958   Flynn/Pahlen
SWEDEN   The Dancer 1994   Donya Feuer
FRANCE   The Days Of Our Years 1951   Various contributors
GREAT BRITAIN   Desert Victory 1943   Roy Boulting
USSR   Dmitri Shostakovich: Sonata for Viola 1981   Aranovich/Sokurov
GERMANY   East Side Story 1997   Dana Ranga
NORWAY   Frozen Heart: A Film About Roald Amundsen 1999   Andersen/Sanders
JAPAN   Goodbye CP 1972   Kazuo Hara
RUSSIA   Gypsies' Fortune 2000   Tatiana Homutova
IRAN   The House is Black 1962   Forough Farrokhzad
GERMANY   I Am My Own Woman 1993   Rosa von Praunheim
JAPAN   The Inland Sea 1991   Lucille Carra
ISRAEL   The Inner Tour 2001   Ra'anan Alexandrowicz
YUGOSLAVIA   Innocence Unprotected 1968   Dusan Makavejev
FRANCE / NIGER   Le Jaguar 1954   Jean Rouch
FRANCE   Life of Buddha 2003   Martin Meissonnier
DENMARK   Light Keeps Me Company 2000   Carl-Gustaf Nykvist
FRANCE   Lumi?re and Co. 1995   Various
FRANCE   Microcosmos 1996   Nuridsany/Perennou
CZECH REPUBLIC   Not Angels, But Angels 1994   Wiktor Grodecki
GERMANY   Notebook on Cities and Clothes 1989   Wim Wenders
GERMANY   Olympia Set (Parts 1 & 2) 1936-38   Leni Riefenstahl
CZECHOSLOVAKIA   Oratorio For Prague 1968   Jan Nemec
FRANCE   Paul Klee: The Silence of the Angel 2005   Michael Gaumnitz
CANADA   Project Grizzly 1996   Peter Lynch
VENEZUELA   A Question of Justice 2004   Calogero Salvo
FRANCE   Shapes of the Invisible 1998   Levy/Turkieh/Sanchez
RUSSIA   Spiritual Voices 1995   Alexander Sokurov
SPAIN   Storm the Skies 1996   Lopez-Linares/Rioyo
POLAND   The Trial 2000   Krzysztof Lang
GERMANY   Triumph of the Will 1936   Leni Riefenstahl
FINLAND   The Winter War 1990   Pekka Parikka
GERMANY   The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl 1993   Ray Mueller

View gem stone globes, among the highest quality gemstone globes on the market. Featuring oceans of lapis blue, black onyx, mother of pearl, turquoise, jasper or howlite.  Each country on the globe is painstakingly carved out of one of many different semi-precious gemstones.  A Gemstone Globe becomes an instant heirloom that will be treasured for generations.  Click on the link below to view the entire selection:

Earth Globe - brief history of earth globes, including the first American globes.

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